Aide: President Ghani will not bow to pressure

KABUL (Agencies): President Ashraf Ghani’s National Security Adviser Hamdullah Mohib at a press conference on Saturday said that the president will not be influenced by any type of political pressure unless an agreement is made for bringing real peace to Afghanistan.

“We assure our people that we will not bow to pressure,” Mohib said. “Our objective is to achieve peace. The government has got responsibility towards the people and that is to ensure restoring a true peace in Afghanistan.”

In response to critics that the government was creating barriers in the way of peace, Mohib said:

“This government was elected by the people, the people have cast their ballots that will be okay, but the governm-ent does not have the right to bestow this right to the 40 people to decide about the future of Afghanistan.”

“We have experienced such governments in the past. Agreement was made between some people, but it had not led to a positive result for the Afghan people,” said Mohib.

Meanwhile, president Ghani in a meeting with a number of foreign ambassadors in Kabul discussed the peace process.

Referring to Ghani’s previous statement about the possibility of an early elections as a result of a peace agreement, Mohib said that Ghani will not run for president if there is an early election.

“If the main purpose is peace and formation of an elected government, the president made it clear several times in his remarks that we are ready to go for an early election maybe in three months, six months or according to the timeline that is needed and the president himself will not be a candidate in such an election, but if the purpose is only to form an interim government, in that scenario, I think the people of Afghanistan will not support it,” Mohib explained.

The statement comes at a time that a UN-led peace conference on Afghanistan is expected to be held in Turkey with some political leaders describing it a destiny-making conference for a negotiated settlement to the conflict in Afghanistan.

Mohib said that so far no agreement has been made on the agenda and timeline of the conference in Turkey.

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