Dog bite and politics

Yesterday, the Sindh High Court has put the officials of Local Government, Health, and other departments of the Sindh government as well as the district administration Hyderabad on notice in a petition concerning the dog bite cases in Tando Allahyar district. The group of petitioners pleaded through their counsel advocate Ali Palh that hundreds of citizens were being bitten by the stray dogs in Tando Allahyar. They complained that the local government authorities were not taking action in violation of the SHC Sukkur bench’s order. According to reports, about 17 FIRs against the municipal staff had been lodged in the district in compliance with the SHC’s order, however, the municipal authorities remained indifferent.

It was told to the court that the district health authorities often did not provide free anti rabies vaccine to the dog bite victims. The petitioner prayed the court to order action against the officials who had failed to comply with March 16 order of SHC Sukkur and suspend membership of MPA of PS-60 Tando Allahyar.

In fact, the dog bite issue was emerged 2-3 years back which gradually turned into worst nightmare for the people of Sindh both urban as well as Rural areas. Sindh government had tried to established an anti-snake anti-rabies serology laboratory at Sakrand in 2019 and it was claimed by the provincial government that the Sakrand laboratory would be able to export the vaccines besides fulfilling local needs of the government. As per reports, initially the laboratory will produce ASV alone later it would be equipped with facilities to produce other biological products such as anti-Rabies, anti-Tetanus, anti-Diphtheria and others. After more than one year, Sindh government is complete salient on Sakrand laboratory and fully focused on procurement of the vaccines from other sources. It should expedite its efforts to fully operationalize Sakrand laboratory to overcome the menace of rabies in the province. Presently, the outspoken individuals have took an initiative to chase their political opponent and ravels by accusing them for alleged role in spreading dog-bites or inability to act according to the court’s verdicts. It became an easy method to drag the opponents in local administration, health and Political fields by their adversaries in Sindh province. The Honorable courts must also curb such I’ll motived moves strictly.

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