Karachi sizzles as temperature soars to 44 oCelsius amid Heatwave

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KARACHI: Maximum temperature in Karachi soared to 44 oCelsius on Saturday afternoon during the ongoing heatwave in the region, quoting the Met Office.

The heatwave with hot to very hot weather hit 44 degree Celsius at 3:00 pm today.

Ongoing very hot weather spell is likely to subside by Sunday (tomorrow) early warning centre of the Pakistan Meteorological Department said in an advisory.

The wind direction has shifted from north/northeast direction to south with eight kilometers per hour wind speed, the met office said. Humidity has been recorded 14 percent in a hot and dry weather spell.

The sea-breeze, which has a cooling effect over the city’s weather, has also been suspended in the ongoing hot weather spell.

The met office had earlier predicted maximum temperature likely to range between 40-42 oCelsius today and will decrease to 37/38 oC tomorrow.

The Met Office had earlier informed that the hot to very hot weather will likely to persist in Karachi from Wednesday till Saturday.

“Usually, average temperatures remain 32.5 degree Celsius in March in the city,” a weather official had said. The daytime temperatures are expected to remain above normal by 04 to 06°Celsius upto Saturday, he added.

Dusty winds are expected in the city during the hot spell, Director General Meteorological Department said.

The met department has advised citizens to observe caution during the hot hours. People have also been advised to avoid exposure to open sun especially during 11:00 am to 4:00 pm, peak heat hours, and use plenty of drinks.

The Met Office had earlier warned that Sindh, Southern Punjab, eastern and southern Balochistan will remain in the grip of very hot and dry weather from Tuesday to to Saturday.

Dusty winds are expected in Sindh and Balochistan during the hot spell.

PMD had also predicted suspension of the sea breeze in daytime, which will add to further soaring of the temperature in the port city.

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